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Chiropractic Treatments and Other Services

Dr. Ward at the front desk. Regarding spinal manipulation (chiropractic adjustment), Dr. Ward utilizes the “Palmer” technique, Diversified technique, Thompson Drop and Activator (non-force) technique. The type of technique that will be recommended for your treatment will depend on the nature of your condition, age, and overall health.

Dr. Ward will also use various physiotherapy therapies to enhance the effects of the spinal manipulation. The office has therapies that are used for relaxation of the muscles (Hydrotherapy Massage), deep heating of the muscles (Ultrasound), and to decrease joint pain and inflammation (Interferrential current).

We are the only treatment facility in Elko County to provide Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) for our patients. You may be familiar with the use of HBOT to treat divers who develop the “bends”. Hyperbaric oxygen is also extensively utilized for wound care and to promote postsurgical healing. For further details on HBOT, please refer to the link.

Dr. Ward is also performing CDL/DOT physicals and is listed on the “National Registry of Medical Examiners”. For more information please refer to the link.

Our office offers food allergy testing via ELISA. This is a food allergy test that will allow the doctor to make very specific dietary recommendations to the patient. Research has shown that conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, headaches, hyperactivity in children, ADHD respond favorably to specific dietary restrictions and targeted supplements.

Dr. Ward has been successfully treating children with Autism, ADD, ADHD following the “DAN” (defeat autism now) protocols as established by the Autism Research Institute. He attended his first DAN seminar in 1997 to gather information to help his son who was diagnosed with autism.